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Solar Water Heater

Each day, the earth receives more solar energy from the sun than the total amount of energy of our entire planet can consume in 25 years. Environmental concerns over the massive usage of fossil fuels, combined with soaring energy prices, triggered increased interest in renewable energy sources including solar energy.

Solar energy is abundant, provides an important saving to the consumer, and contributes to a personal comfort without environmental damage. We are now able to harness the sun’s energy in many ways for many applications. One example is to use solar energy to heat water for domestic usage.

Ecosolar Water Heater

EcoSolar Water Heater does just that. It will provide you with hot water for very many years, at minimal energy costs, because the free sun’s energy will supply most of the energy needed.

It will reduce your utilities bill, and will also avoid the production of many tonnes of greenhouse gasses. Grenidea’s EcoSolar Water Heater is simple, economical, and efficient.

  • No electrical supply needed
  • No controller or pump needed
  • Easy to install, may be installed on the roof or at ground level
  • Reliable and durable; no moving parts, stainless steel tank and frame
  • Efficient; as high as 55% annual efficiency - far superior than flat plate


Price :
130 Liter - RM 3,000.00    USD 790.00
200 Liter - RM 4,200.00    USD 1105.00
300 Liter - RM 5,000.00    USD 1300.00

*Circulated pump included

Solar Water Heater